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Where Water Comes Together With Other Water had several new features: a new artistic director, a curatorial team attentive to work being made now, a new outsized venue, innovative exhibition design, artists from every continent, a majority of exhibits created specially for the event, and an emphasis on collaborating with the local business community. This edition also more widely embraced the Lyon, metropolitan and regional territories with the Veduta platform, Associated Exhibitions, and Resonance events.
This edition of the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale made its mark as a must-see event on the international art scene and an emotion-packed moment for all kinds of people!
A public success with over 273 800 visitors !

15th Lyon Biennale

A high point in the international art calendar, the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale is gaining fresh impetus in 2019.
This 15th edition of the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale is devised as an ecosystem at the intersection of biological, economic and cosmogonic landscapes. It bears witness to the shifting relationships between human beings, other living species, the mineral kingdom, technological artefacts and the stories that unite them.
Echoing Lyon’s geography, the title of the 15th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale is Where Water Comes Together with Other Water, taken from a Raymond Carver poem. For the first time, in addition to the Museum of Contemporary Art (macLYON) and many associate venues, the Biennale is being held in the deserted halls of the former Fagor factory, in the heart of the Gerland district. 
Around fifty artists of all generations and many nationalities, with gender parity, have been invited to make site-specific works. 


15th Lyon Biennale

In 2019, the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale is moving to the 29,000 sqm space of the former Fagor factory for the first time.
This 15th edition is curated by the Palais de Tokyo, which has imagined the international exhibition as a vast landscape of uneven topography and unsettled climates.
The Lyon Biennale is viewed as one of the world’s leading contemporary art events, and this 15th edition will embrace the Lyon metro area and the entire region.
The Lyon Biennale will be held in macLYON and the 29,000 sqm post-industrial space of the former Fagor factory in the heart of the Gerland district – an exceptional site, emblematic of Lyon’s history. The factory, which operated here from 1945 until 2015, was among the last big manufacturing plants inside the city limits. In September, this vast brownfield site will host a system of political, poetic, aesthetic and environmental interactions through works by fifty or so artists of all generations and many nationalities, selected by the Palais de Tokyo’s curators.

15th Lyon Biennale

The Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale has entrusted the curatorship of its international exhibition to the Palais de Tokyo and its team of curators: Adélaïde Blanc, Daria de Beauvais, Yoann Gourmel, Matthieu Lelièvre, Vittoria Matarrese, Claire Moulène and Hugo Vitrani. Together they have envisioned this biennale as a vast ecosystem where artworks and artists cultivate the art of permaculture, at the intersection of landscapes be they biological (all interactions with living organisms, whether plants, animals or bacteria); economic (all interactions with resources and the appetites they entail: producing, distributing, consuming) and cosmogonic (all relations with the world’s spirit and our awareness of our place in the universe).
Around fifty artists of all generations and many nationalities, with gender parity, have been invited to make site-specific works that draw on the factory’s legacy and architecture as well as its socio-economic context.

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Art director of the Biennale de Lyon

Art historian, trained at the University of Lyon 2 and at the École du Louvre, with a specialization in museology and contemporary art, Isabelle Bertolotti has just been appointed to the artistic direction of the Lyon Biennale and the direction of the macLyon. Previously in charge of exhibitions at macLyon since 1995, she was co-founder and artistic co-director since 2002 of Rendez-vous, an event dedicated to the emerging French and international scene at the Lyon Biennale. Since 2008, it has been organising the export of the event on stages outside Europe: Shanghai in 2008 and 2010, Cape Town in 2012, Singapore in 2015, Beijing in 2017 and Havana in 2018.
Isabelle Bertolotti is also an independent curator specialising in the emerging international scene and president of WARDA, the association of higher art and design schools in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which manages 40 artists' studios and supports around 100 artists in exhibition and publishing projects.

Isabelle Bertolotti’s editorial

The 14th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale ran from 10 Sept 2015 to 3 Jan 2016.