Founded in 2013, (LA)HORDE is a collective of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. Dance is central to their project, which spans choreographic pieces (Void Island, 2014; Night Owl, 2016; To Da Bone, 2017; Marry Me In Bassiani, 2019) films (Novaciéries, 2015, Cultes, 2019), performances (The Master’s Tools, 2017, The Beast, 2019) and installations.

In 2018 they also directed and choreographed Christine & the Queens’ most recent show. With groups on the fringes of mainstream culture such as seventy-somethings in Void Island, blind people in Night Owl, and more recently jumpers in To Da Bone or the dancers of Ballet Iveroni (Georgia) in Marry Me In Bassiani, (LA)HORDE examines the political reach of dance and maps the choreographic forms of popular uprisings, whether mass or isolated, from raves to traditional dances to jumpstyle.

In creating the concept of “post-internet dance”, the collective is giving form to this exploration of the new dynamics of dance circulation and representation that are developing online. By diversifying their media, the three artists are examining the various artistic categories and proposing multiple perspectives on the revolts driven by these communities whom they work with in a flat, hierarchy-free manner. Room With A View is their first piece since taking the directorship of the CCN Ballet National de Marseille in 2019. With its (partly renewed) group of 22 dancers from 12 countries, (LA)HORDE tackles the revolts sparked by the ongoing climate catastrophe, to the music of RONE’s eponymous album.