Born in 1978 and 1985 in the United States. Live and work between the United States and Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Benedict and Rueter’s site-adapted videos, sculptures, and drawings intercept objects and processes that extend beyond one’s peripheral vision. Often working with architectural or infrastructural elements hidden in plain sight, the duo lodges materiality, subjectivity, intimacy, and at times their own bodies, into technologically-produced spaces where such things do not appear to belong. Troubling contemporary vocabularies of technology, scale, representation, and abstraction with historical specificities, Benedict and Rueter pace into and out of exhibition sites, dragging with them fiber optic cables, misused industrial water bottle preforms, abjected modernist diagrams, and pieces of salvaged flooring. In its circulation, their work accumulates and adjusts as it encounters institutional logics, frictional proximities, hearsay, and fragments of collective imagination.