• Résonance

    Exhibition CARTA

    The Centre culturel suisse in Paris is currently undergoing renovation work until 2024 and is presenting an On Tour programme throughout France, with a stop in Lyon between 12 and 21 January 2023.

    On this occasion and beforehand, it is partnering with La BF15 around two exhibitions: one populated by the imposing sculptures of Simone Holliger and the other, more textual and performative, by Johana Blanc.

  • Exhibition of three women artists "close to the skin". Around drawings, paintings and ceramics.


    Adélaïde Fériot (born in 1985) is invited for our first exhibition for 2022/2023. She echoes the name of the structure: le Polaris, like the polar star which immutably indicates the north celestial pole and presents an exhibition resembling the aurora borealis. Here, the weakening of the earth's magnetic field reveals the fragility of the world.

  • Sommet du volcan le Puy de Dôme - Crystalline Thresholds | Les Portes de Givre

    Crystalline Thresholds | Les Portes de Givre is a series of seven frozen passageways sculpted the Atlantic winds in the winter of 2022/23 by artist Sabine Mirlesse.

  • Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Étienne Métropole

    The MAMC+ is proposing a new exhibition of its collections with the aim of improving the visibility of women's art, which represents only about 4% of its 20,000 works.