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Ceramist, painter, collector of feathers and many other natural marvels that she saves from waste, Angélique de Chabot constructs patiently a strange bestiary of marvelous chimeras. Hybrid creatures appeared in her work in 2017. A few months later, she exhibited a monumental the title Il 30-meter dragon, awakening founding myths and treasures buried in our memories.

In his works, "crustaceans, beasts with feathers and silky coats hybridize like so many precious monsters, totems, magical talismans. It is about an animist mysticism, an immortal metaphysics, the persistence of the sacred and the way it is still embodied in our lives. His works are inhabited by ancient spirits, gods to worship or blaspheme”. (Richard Leydier)

At LE 1111 gallery, Angélique de Chabot exhibit her masks and talismans with artworks by the Cuban artists Manuel Mendive and Jorge Camacho, for a special “Carte Blanche” that appears as an act of resistance to the forgetting of our deeply spiritual nature.

Angélique de Chabot reactivates ancestral memories and forgotten states of consciousness by artworks built with nature, whose dimension is nevertheless supernatural. His totems, masks and talismans went out in processions “at the limit of the burlesque and the sacred”. The drums are agitated, the wearers of masks shudder then their gestures are amplified in a strange dance. Back in the gallery, the masks still vibrate with the energy of this trance, facing artworks of Manuel Mendive and Jorge Camacho, selected by Angélique de Chabot as part of this 23rd Carte Blanche.

Friday, September 9 from 11:11 a.m. to 7:19 p.m.

Sep 10-Oct 29, 2022
Wednesday to Saturday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on appointment


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  • Angélique de Chabot. Procession
  • Angélique de Chabot. Portrait
  • Angélique de Chabot. The witnesses
    Daboun, Baboun, Caboun Ceramics and feathers, 2020