(Re)discover the artworks of the 2022 Biennial by venue !

Fagor Factories, macLYON, Musée Guimet, MHL Gadagne, Lugdunum - Musée et Théâtre Romains, Place des Pavillon, URDLA, Jardin du Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de Fourvière, Parc de la Tête d'Or, Gare SNCF Part-Dieu, LPA-République


Since 2007, Veduta has been bringing art, the city and its residents together. It generates situations where curious volunteers, artists, artworks and diverse communities can converge and connect. Together they debate, discuss, create, and experience the creative act incorporated into daily life.


The Résonance network brings together a substancial number of art galleries, museums, cultural institutions and artist collectives with the aim to propose various events in relation to Biennale’s theme and thus reflect the region’s vibrant art scene.

Jeune création internationale à l'IAC

This complementary mix of institutions – inter-territory collaborations, pooled networks, and reaching out to a variety of audiences – is highly unusual both in France and worldwide. It offers unprecedented visibility to young artists whose work is, as yet, little known.

Our public partners

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