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Street art duo Lek & Sowat are known for their version of contemporary land art, a mix of abstract lettering, architecture and archaeology, past and present.
The two graffiti artists, former artists-in-residence at the French Academy in Rome’s Villa Medici and pioneers in the exploration of “contemporary ruins”, will create a mural, putting their stamp on the historic façade of the Lyon Opera House. This will be temporary work on the building’s glass walls, showing both art’s delicate nature and the transience and fragility of our urban landscape which can sometimes pass unnoticed.
As self-taught pioneers of Urbex (urban exploration), Lek & Sowat are constantly seeking to create links between people, the outside world and the sometimes intangible yet ever-present world of art.

They lend their voices to the fragile art that we forget in our daily lives, that we no longer notice as we pass by and, in doing so, reappropriate the gaze and the questions, reintegrating everyone’s perception, both individually and as a group.
An ephemeral visual story that transcends time and stimulates the imagination.

Technique: Paint on glass and stone

Creation: September 2022