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  • Mairie du 2ème arrondissement de Lyon

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ELOGE DE NOS FORCES presents a gallery of real or fictional characters, heroes of everyday life, gods of antique mythologies, who by their actions, their motivations exceed their conditions.

Breaking one's chains, believing in one's dreams, uniting, disconnecting from social networks, finding each other, caring for each other... Acts that should be celebrated.

Our heroes have armoured bodies, masked faces, which do not conceal identity. On the contrary, the masks reveal and highlight the of characters, moods and feelings. Where the evidence remains there is no praise to be had and yet, where our lives dance for others, taunting the inevitable erosion of time, we celebrate those who stand united: the praise of our strengths.

ELOGE DE NOS FORCES is a project conceived by the artist Pierric Etellin for the Town Hall of the 2nd district of Lyon, as part of the Resonance route of the Lyon 2022 Contemporary Art Biennial.

Pierric Etellin draws characters and universes in a style he calls JANUS, a tribute to the Roman god with many faces turned towards the past and the future. His JANUS, masked characters question us about time, our human feelings, and the complexity of each one.

Pierric Etellin was present at the Toboggan of Décines during the previous Résonance tour of the Lyon 2019 Contemporary Art Biennial with the Point 2 vue exhibition.

Exhibition presented at the town hall of the 2nd district of Lyon.

Exhibition produced by Boorbool, project printed by Light-air.


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