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Mory and Ria are artists who come from two very different backgrounds, worlds and countries: Burkina Faso and the United States. Despite their differences in culture, philosophy and identity, during the Jardin sauvage exhibition, the artists work together to play with and treat a fundamental thing that binds us all: the vegetal world. The reason Mory and Ria wanted to focus on plant-life is because they find that its power is too often and simply forgotten. Through their expressionistic and variable approaches to painting, which sometimes include the addition of black light, Mory and Ria illuminate another way of seeing reality in the living greenery that surrounds us. Together, their paintings and their art weave an inexhaustible story of what it means to be wild in a world that is increasingly under a controlling human hand. To also find the wildness that is in each of us is an inner exploration, a manifesto of the fragility of the spirit. Mory and Ria try not to define their art too closely to avoid empowering limiting categorizations. The Jardin Sauvage painting exhibition is an ode to freedom, to love and to nature.

Our approach to the "manifest fragility" theme of the 16th Biennale of contemporary art of Lyon attempts to raise the question of the fragility of Man in relation to nature. We place our art in a socio-ecological context.

Man through his pride has gradually moved away from communion and respect with what surrounds him. He has developed a relationship of abusive “domination” in a non-responsible way which is what leads us today to deep ecological crises.

This is why we offer you an enchanting immersive walk in the wild vegetation which is our common garden. Through this painting exhibition--we give you the opportunity to dream in a striking and colorful environment. It is a message of hope. Through the exhibition, the artists highlight another way of reacting to the ecological crisis we are experiencing, of not waiting for politics to decide.

Two artists (Mory and Ria); two techniques, two common battles (art and ecology). As a bonus, each visitor will be able to express themselves freely on the theme, the subject in word or drawing in "the cave" (immersive room for intuitive expression in the Feux d'artistes gallery)

Exhibition from September 26 to October 16, 2022