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Painter, Clément Montolio lives and works in Lyon.
The obvious Mysteries of Clément Montolio could appear as a paradox of the spirit. It is not so. The mystery is here intellectualized in the painting, it is one with the work, it is in the work, it is the work. Clément Montolio frees himself from aesthetics so that the Mystery can be seen, mystery in the first sense borrowed from the Latin mysterium, that is to say which expresses the deep character, the inherent virtue of a thing. Clément Montolio frees himself from aesthetics as an examination of nature and beauty to bring us to the "true". His work is part of the philosophical heritage of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein, in his research on the notion of truth and on language, working on aesthetics as a cognitive stage allowing access to intuition and truth.
But the creation of the artist does not proceed from a theoretical construction; it is born from an impulse to the creation, from the stimulation of an intuition, from an entry in the matter.
He is represented by the Lyon gallery Françoise Besson

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  • Clément Montolio, acrylic, without title, 2018
  • Clément Montolio, acrylic, without title, 2019