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Nom Prénom, Rue du For, 01800 Pérouges, France is a proposal by the artist Amélie Berrodier based on a portrait which is not represented but imagined. By staging lent or recovered objects, she invites us to represent someone from what he owns.

Upon entering, the visitor is led into personal living spaces: dining room, bedroom, living room. These were created by the artist in collaboration with the inhabitants of the medieval town of Pérouges and its surroundings, who agreed to lend objects to build them. They function as a portrait of a fictional character, a potential inhabitant of the town. This exhibition invites to imagine this person by observing his interior, but also to pay attention to each object to discover the various personalities of people actually living there today.

The second installation, épouses (Wives), is a series of 65 portraits of women made with recovered wallpapers from the period between the 1950s and 1980s. These are framed under glass, as photographic portraits.

Indeed, these two objects became accessible to the working class and their number increased over this period. It was also a time when the vast majority of wives ran the household, and when traditions placed a particular importance on the social role of housewifes. To emphasise this parallel, each portrait bears the name of a woman, a wife. Marie-Louise, Annette, Hélène, Yvette, Andrée take over the space and surround the viewer, as an invitation into their home.


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