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Pour cette nouvelle édition de Pile Pont Expo à Saint-Gervais, Benoit Billotte questionne la relation que l’on peut avoir avec notre environnement et la nature elle-même.

Benoît Billotte, invited in 2022 for this new edition of Pile Pont Expo in Saint-Gervais, questions the relationship that we have with our environment, and with nature itself. This in-situ installation offers an immersion in the earth and water that shape our landscapes.
Located above the Gorges du Bonnant, the exhibition examines the concept of the soil, its composition, its erosion, with its deformations, and that which crosses it or inhabits it. This underground, invisible and changing world is constantly evolving and reshaping the landscape. This proposal seeks to reveal the territory of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, where Pile-Pont is located, from below. It examines what shapes it, the land, the water, the plants. By inverting the site, Benoît Billotte also invites us to contemplate our environment differently and to confront a temporality that exceeds us.

In Rhone-Alpes region

Saint-Gervais les Bains