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We are glad to invite you for the first solo show of the artist in the city of Lyon.

The enigmatic title of the exhibition How are faces born? is a question that magically appeared during a moment of cogitation in front of the white paper, between two drawings. It designates this particular moment when the mind lets all sorts of air currents come and go - memories, sensations, states of mind - until some of them stop and induce us to make them exist on paper. This extraction, dictated by the voice of the unconscious, is for the artist similar to a true exorcism where the body becomes a receiver and transmitter of forces both internal and external, experienced and to come. Considering the body as a seismograph, Geoffrey Badel draws with a pencil where the lead becomes the tool to capture and retranscribe all these forces with fragility.

His drawings are enigmas isolated from each other, made in different temporalities and moods. Like the title of the exhibition, his drawings populated with signs have no intention of being solved. They lead us towards wanderings, openings and other possible interrogations. They sneak under the gaze of reason to try to touch sensitive points of our personal and collective unconscious. For Geoffrey Badel, waiting in front of the blank sheet of paper - or rather the sheet aged by time - is to let oneself be crossed and be vulnerable. It is to wait for something to manifest itself, like the outline of a face in the clouds.