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Artworks created using magnetic tapes and silk threads

Nawelle Aïnèche (born in 1990) is a transdisciplinary artist trained in stage costume in Lyon, then in weaving. Her work focuses on the body, its metamorphoses and mechanisms. She was part of the first edition of Création-en-cours of the Ateliers Médicis where she developed a project around the magnetic tape of video cassette.
Her work has been exhibited at the Moscow Historical Museum in Russia, the Tank Museum in China and the Grand Palais in Paris. With the support of the Ateliers Médicis, she joined the Collection of the French Institute in 2019 and travel to China, to Canton and Chengdu.
In 2021, she is in residence at MacLyon, the Factatory and the Ateliers Médicis (TRANSAT) for her project "ENTRE". She also leaves for a discovery residency at the Villa Médicis.
In 2022, she created for her residency at Les Subsistances de Lyon, "ENTRE", a sculpture activation in the public space that experiments with "ma", a Japanese notion that defines emptiness as a material. She will soon exhibit in Roubaix, Chambéry and Migennes in 2023.
The works exhibited at the Cour des Loges are mainly: "Parchemin", "Déraisonnable", "A défaut du pardon, laisser venir l'oubli", "les Misérables", and "Enregistrement 1960", works created from magnetic tapes and silk threads. See her web site: