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Following in the steps of the 17th century "clair-obscur" painters and artists of the light such as Dan Flavin with their neon signs, our group TRANSLUXPHOTONPOSTFLASH works to take up the mantel and synthesizes an art which puts light at the center of our preoccupations. As the source of life, of the visible and of any picture, we aim to shine light as a tool to re-enchant the world with works that, in contrast with their dark environnement, questions the exhibition's relation to space and volumes.

The exhibit is two-fold: existing works mixed with live performances.

Our installation shows works mainly composed of dark supports and materials exploring multiple nuances of black (traditional paint, oils, intaglio ink, lead pencils, or even cuttlefish ink).
In parallel with the existing work, collective and evolving work will be created specifically for and during the Biennale.
Each artist will present existing and ongoing works, as well as live performances each evening at 7pm.
Jean-Luc Blanchet will make and destroy new icons made of black and white, using several erasing techniques.
François Giovangigli will captivate us with his generous displays of gutted cuttlefish on different supports.
Jean-Pierre Olinger will display intaglio engravings, and a collection of medical x-rays called "family pictures, a family novel"
Damien Pierre will show the traces of his different performances of "vide noir", using photos and drawings.

Exhibition open 14, 15, 16, 17, 20 and 21 september, 16h - 19h.
13 september 19h : professionnal's invitation
14 september 19h : Opening
15 september 19h : Performance « Vide Noir », Damien Pierre
16 september 19h : Performance « Un sang d’encre », François Giovangigli
17 september 19h : Performance « Vide Noir »,Damien Pierre
20 september 19h : Performance « Un noir d’encre », Jean-Pierre Olinger
21 septembre 19h : Performance « White and Black » par Jean-Pierre Olinger, Emmanuel Borgo (danse butô), Jean Cohen (musique improvisée) et Damien Pierre (vidéoprojection).
22 september : Opening 10h, closing 16h.


All public