Born 1982 in Nairobi, Kenya.
Lives and works in London, UK.

Phoebe Boswell utilises immersive combinations of drawing, animation, sound, video, performance, and text to delve into migrational upheavals, dualities, exaltations, and silences. During her residency at URDLA in April 2022, Phoebe Boswell was introduced to lithography, a medium through which she expanded her oeuvre. The experience of learning a technique that was completely new to her continued the artist’s search for language to convey voices and stories that, like her own, are often marginalised or overlooked. These six lithographic self-portraits, based on photographs, sit somewhere between work diary and autobiography.

Also on view at the Fagor factories and in The many lives and deaths of Louise Brunet at the macLYON.

Artworks on view :
Silence (And The Presence Of Everything), 2022

Starfish (A Confluence of Voices), 2022

Our Ancestors Spoke Of, 2022

Journ/ey/al/ée, 2022

Ghost, 2022
Lithographic stone and ink

We Are The Ones, 2022

Drexciyan, 2022
Lithography and linocut

Memorywork, 2022 Lithography