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Hip-hop culture – be it dance, rap or graffing – appeared in France in the 1980s.

But despite its recent recognition by institutions, women and gender minorities are still in the minority. It seems difficult for anyone who isn’t a cisgender man to make their mark during an open-mic session, to be booked by programmers, or to find their place in a collective. Planet Zouz is turning the tables and holding a hip hop night (with live radio broadcast) that showcases the voices of women and gender minorities. At 8pm, there’ll be a live radio discussion on these issues on Followed by a deliberately women-only open-mic session along the lines of the Planet Rap radio show on Skyrock, so that everyone can get some training in developing their stage presence, performing their lyrics and introducing their world in a supportive atmosphere. So: a wide range of sounds and moods that reflect the wealth of this scene, and often gives rise to unexpected connections!

In partnership with radio béguin

→ To sign up for the open-mic:
by email: or on the night at Usines Fagor