The Biennale invites you to step into dance through two thematic trails proposed jointly with Lyon's cultural partners.

Through visual arts

Biennale d’art contemporain x macLyon x Biennale de la danse

Dance has close ties with the vast field of the visual arts. Many of the artists in this edition combine visual and choreographic explorations, or appropriate other media such as video or virtual reality. This provides the opportunity for a nod to the Biennale d’art contemporain, which is teaming up with macLyon to invite you on a visual arts trail as part of the Biennale programme.

Through music

Nuits sonores x Biennale de la danse

Plenty of Biennale shows remind us of the strong relationship between dance and music, a bottomless source of inspiration for many choreographers.

A good reason to invite Nuits Sonores, Lyon’s electronic-music festival, to offer you a music trail as part of the Biennale line-up.