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A show for three levitating bodies, Dehors est blanc causes us to gradually lose our bearings. By disorientating our perceptual habits, Tumbleweed reminds us that our relationship with the world is fragile indeed.

Three beings hang in the air courtesy of cables and counterweights. When they make the first, meticulous and finely graduated moves of their weightless choreography, our bearings scramble and time seems to stand still. The performers, keeping a fragile and ever-transient balance, seem to rise towards the floor or fall upwards. Mindful to constantly enrich its artistic practice with knowledge from other disciplines, and having a particular fascination for natural and weather phenomena, the Tumbleweed duo – Angela Rabaglio and Micaël Florentz – here draw their inspiration from the whiteout. This optical phenomenon, which erases contrasts and envelops all contours in a uniform white glow, completely disorientates the senses. Cradled by Anne Lepère’s contrast-rich sound design, the spectator too will soon feel strangely, intoxicatingly giddy.




Piece for 3 performers – 2023

Concept/choreography Angela Rabaglio et Micaël Florentz Writing Angela Rabaglio, Micaël Florentz, Sergi Parés Interpretation Angela Rabaglio, Micaël Florentz, Sergi Parés ou Florencia Demestri Lighting and stage design Arnaud Gerniers Music Anne Lepère Costumes Catherine Somers Dramaturgy internship Martha Dewit External view Areti Chourdaki (intern), Mélissa Rondeau Technical management Yorrick Detroy Technical assistance and construction Thomas Schellenberger Structure design Noé Robert Rigging Black Hand Crew Distribution and communication Quentin Legrand (Rue Branly)

Production Tumbleweed Executive production laGeste Coproduction MARS - Mons Arts de la Scène (BE), STUK (BE), C-TAKT / Dommelhof (BE), Les SUBS - Lyon (FR), Les Brigittines (BE), Charleroi danse - Centre chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), laGeste (BE), Les Halles de Schaerbeek (BE), Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (FR) Residence partners workspacebrussels (BE), Les Brigittines (BE), Espace Catastrophe - Centre International de création des Arts du Cirque (BE), MARS - Mons arts de la scène (BE), Théâtre des Doms (FR), STUK kunstencentrum (BE), C-TAKT/ Dommelhof (BE), de Warande (BE), laGeste (BE), Les SUBS Lyon (FR) With the support of la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Service Générale de la Création Artistique, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, les Autorités flamandes (de Vlaamse Overheid), La Chaufferie-Acte1, Grand Studio et le Réseau Grand Luxe 21/22 Thanks to Hildegard De Vuyst, Louise Hanquet, Daniel Perez Hajdu, Fred Op de Beeck, Benjamin van Thiel, Dr. Vertical asbl, Yvon van Lancker, Marché de la Glacière, Lieve Dierckx, Mona Felah et Jeanne Colin.

Dehors est blanc is produced with the support of Flanders Tax shelter bvba and the Belgian federal government's tax shelter.