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Nurtured by hip hop and club cultures, Tom Grand Mourcel has imagined a self-portrait in dance. In Solus Break, surrounded by a wall of speakers and up close to his audience, he takes a trip through the music genres that have made him who he is.

Show me how you dance, and I will tell you who you are. In search of what he calls his rhythmic identity, Tom Grand Mourcel has composed an electrifying self-portrait in dance. From the “bad boy sounds” of hip hop – which first gave him the urge to make moves – to those of the club culture he now works in, he has mapped the gestures and attitudes that flow when he listens to given kinds of music. Switching between them, the choreography of Solus Break is devised like a breakbeat track, playing with shifts in rhythm. As in his previous piece ¡No pasarán!, created with Vera Gorbatcheva, the staging is immersive. Surrounded by a wall of speakers – in reference to raves – and with his audience right up close, the dancer revisits the musical references that have shaped him. He celebrates them while at the same time transforming them – and thus creating what could be a “sample” of himself.




Piece for 1 performer — 2023

Dance company Dikie Istorii Art direction Tom Grand Mourcel Performer Tom Grand Mourcel Music Arnaud Bacharach Stage design Johanna Thomas Artistic collaboration & Outside look Rebecca Journo, Chandra Grangean and Anne Lebatard Costume design Lucie Grand Mourcel (Maison Mourcel) Light design Johanna Thomas Technical team on tour 4 people

Coproduction Les SUBS, le Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape, direction Yuval PICK, as part of the Matière Première programme, Royaumont A production of Dikie Istorii and de la Feat. With support from la Maison de la danse, le Velvet Moon, la Cité des arts de la rue (Cie Ex-Nihilo), le CentQuatre, KompleX KapharnaüM.