Born in Paris in 1991, Tom Grand Mourcel moved to New York aged 17 to experience the underground world and mix with hip hop dance innovators, especially Rock Steady Crew. Once back in France, he enrolled at the Académie Internationale de la Danse in Paris to supplement his multi-disciplinary learning pathway. In 2012 he joined the national music and dance conservatoire (CNSMD) in Lyon, in the contemporary department, where he trained with Anne Martin, Juliette Beauviche and Michèle Noiret, soaking up different kinds of movement. Through workshops and his appetite for travel, Grand Mourcel met numerous choreographers such as Les SlovaKs, Samuel Lefeuvre, David Zambrano, Fighting Monkey and Yoann Bourgeois. In 2016 joined the Ex Nihilo company to perform In Paradise and Paradise Is Not Enough. He also joined the Plan K company to take over a role in Homo Furens; La Fabrique Fastidieuse to perform Vendredi; and La Vouivre to perform Arcadie (2020). In parallel, he founded the Dikie Istorii company with Vera Gorbatcheva and embarked on highly physical work blending dance and live music. He has also co-founded the Hoods Flakes collective with Chandra Grangean, Lise Messina and Martin Malatray Ravit; and the choreography platform Feat.