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Filled with nostalgia for an era she never knew, Katerina Andreou pays tribute here to the golden age of rave culture in the ‘90s. An impulsive and percussive burst of movement, in which the artist performs a duet with a tuned car in a secret location.

In autumn 2020, Katerina Andreou made contact with Voltnoi Berge, a man who witnessed the transformation of Athens’ (sub)urban music scene from 1989 onwards – a scene influenced at the time by rave culture from the United States and the UK, and powered by house and techno music. Katerina Andreou, who was too young to have tasted the excitement of these spontaneous gatherings, has soaked up the stories, books and music shared by Voltnoi Berge, and done her own research on this primarily musical movement.




Piece for 1 performer – 2021

Concept, performance Katerina Andreou Drawn soundtrack Katerina Andreou, created in collaboration with Cristian Sotomayor, based on the original sound of DJ Sisso, Jacob Garet, Ayya Research assistance Voltnoi Brege Thanks to Jérémy Perrin, Frédéric Pouillaude Production Cie BARK, MIR Festival Athènes, far° Nyon Residencies GRRRND ZERO Lyon, les SUBS – lieu vivant d’expériences artistiques Lyon, CN D – Centre national de la danse Paris.