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Combining virtual reality and physical bodies, No reality now styles itself as a witchcraft ritual. Spanning the gamut of sensations courtesy of digital, this one-of-a-kind creation endeavours to ward off death.

On stage, a storm interrupts a funeral wake. The rain begins to pour down, and the light trembles. Then suddenly, the image appears. You are not dreaming: your VR headset has just taken control, plunging you into a parallel world. Teaming with immersive experience designer Charles Ayats, choreographer Vincent Dupont here revives one of his previous works, Souffles. Wagering that virtual reality and live performance are complementary, the two artists do not simply “augment” this 2010 piece; they propose two simultaneous versions of it, which the audience are free to move between. Digital technology – blurring our vision, rendering what is invisible with sound or breath, and serving up novel sensations – cogently complexifies the approach to the big mystery in question: death and the hereafter.


À partir de 15 ans




Piece for 3 performers and 3 avatars – 2023

Concept Vincent Dupont & Charles Ayats Choreography & stage design Vincent Dupont Performers Elsa Dumontel, Lazare Huet, Mey Provost Sound design Vanessa Court, Maxime Fabre Voice & vocal coach Valérie Joly Decor Sylvain Giraudeau Art collaboration Myriam Lebreton Costume design Éric Martin Costume making Hélène Martin Longstaff, Didier Despin Light design Yves Godin Stage management Sylvain Giraudeau Sound technique Brice Kartmann Light mangement Iannis Japiot Network management Thilbault Le Garrec VR management Anastasiia Ternova Digital experience Art direction VR Small Creative | Florian Salabert Technical art Small Creative | Pierre Didier Creative technician Small Creative | Jean Dellac Developer Small Creative | Sofiane Tidhaini Augmented stage device Small Creative Design accessories VR YouFactory Prototype developer Guillaume Depestèle 3D artist Nicolas Brunet

Production J’y pense souvent (...), Marion Gauvent, Alexandra Servigne and Dark Euphoria Marie Albert, Mathieu Rozières, Raphaël Chênais, William Board, Céline Delatte Coproduction Lieu Unique - scène nationale de Nantes, Théâtre Nouvelle Génération - centre dramatique national de Lyon, Centre National de la Danse – Pantin, Espace des Arts - scène nationale de Chalon-sur-Saône, Centre des Arts scène conventionnée d’intérêt national, Enghien-les-Bains, where Vincent Dupont is an associate artist until 2023, Centre National de la Danse Contemporaine – Angers, ICI-CCN Montpellier Occitanie, Théâtre d'Arles Financial partners No reality now is supported by l'État as part of the Scènes augmentées project financed by the device #France 2030), CNC - DICRéAM, Région Sud, Région Ile-de-France, Ville de Paris, DRAC Île-de-France, ArTeC (au titre du programme d’Investissements d’avenir ANR-17-EURE-0008) With support from Programme Chimères du ministère de la Culture – DGCA by le Lieu Unique scène nationale de Nantes, le Théâtre Nouvelle Génération - CDN de Lyon, l’Espace des Arts scène nationale de Châlon-sur- Saône, le CND - Centre National de la Danse


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