Charles Ayats is an author, a film director, and an interactive and immersive experience designer. A winner of the Haiku Interactif Arte/ONF call for projects with “Phi”, he is interested in outreach projects, whether in the form of interactive documentaries (Pas si bêtes les Animaux, Tati Express, Check-in, ...), or video games, as with Type:Rider, a playful triptych about the history of typography, which he co-directed in 2013. Always on the lookout for new storytelling formats, he regularly takes part in hackathons to enrich his experience feedback and the training courses he delivers. Intrigued by virtual reality, he adapted Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s graphic novel SENS in 2016. He co-wrote 7 Lives (2019), an out-of-body experience directed by Jan Kounen; then Le Cri (2019), an immersive documentary interpretation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. After making the augmented-reality short film M.O.A (2020), inspired by the futuristic city described in Alain Damasio’s novel Les Furtifs, he has continued his reflections on narration, the body and interaction with works such as Future Faces and No reality now that combine virtual reality and contemporary dance, in conjunction with Vincent Dupont, based on one of the latter’s dance works, Souffles, staged post-residency in 2021 at the Biennale de la danse de Lyon.