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12€ - 15€

Ballroom originated in the trans and racialised communities, and celebrates all identities. Vinii Revlon, a voguing legend, immerses us in this flamboyant culture, and honours the bodies that fight relentlessly for their rights.

With its stylised outfits, fluttery hands and eye-popping death drops, voguing is the most flamboyant articulation of the ballroom scene. But this culture, though now widely featured on TV, has its roots in the exclusion experienced by black trans women banned from beauty contests. And so, in 1980s New York, these drag queens set up their own contests and dances – imitating poses from the pages of Vogue magazine. They also provided a roof for young people who were discriminated against because of their gender expression and cast out on the street, thus forming substitute families called “houses”. Voguing legend Vinii Revlon here devises a full immersion in this culture, reminding us who invented it and for whom. Workshops, talks and screenings will accompany a ball showcasing those who, even today, must still fight for their rights. Rebellious and fired up, houses and participants will face off to win trophies, fists held high.


11h-12h Masterclass Workshop Performance with Legendary Asia 007

Workshop Hands with Legendary Matouyz Ladurée

12h15-13h15 Masterclass
Workshop Runway with Legendary Kiddy Gorgeous Gucci

13h-14h Round table
Past / Present / Future: what challenges does the ballroom scene face at a time when pop culture is strongly spotlighting the scene with Legendary Asia 007, Legendary Kiddy Gorgeous Gucci, Legendary Jack Gorgeous Gucci
Up & coming icon : Nikki Gorgeous Gucci
Modérateur : Vinii Revlon

14h30-15h45 Projection
Tongues United by Marlon Riggs

17h-22h Fight For Your Rights Ball
– Hands Performance / Arms control
– Body (FF Female Figure / MF Male Figure) -> Executive Realness (FF Female Figure / MF Male Figure)
– Thug Realness (MF Male Figure / FF Female Figure)
– Best dressed
– Face (Woman face / Male figure face / Femqueen face / Drag face / Non Binary Face) – Money Price 1000€
– Old Way / New Way / baby Oldway
– Lipsync
– Pretty Boy Realness / Pretty Girl Realness -> Transmen Realness
– Sex Siren (FF Female Figure / MF Male Figure)
– School Boy / Girl Realness
– Runway (All American / European / Virgin Runway) – Money Price 1000€
– Performance (Femqueen performance / Drags performance / Women performance / Butchqueen Vogue fem / Twister / Baby Vogue) – Money Price 1000€\

MC : The Legendary Vinii Revlon et The Icon Jack Gorgeous Gucci
Juges : Legendary Asia 007, Mother Bruna Revlon, Legendary Kiddy GG, Legendary Matyouz Ladurée, Legendary Kennedy Garçon, Legendary Kendrick Mugler, Legendary Charly Gaultier Brown
DJ : Missy Revlon

22h-2h After party at Club Bingo
Kiddy Smile + Missy Revlon


Participatory event — 2023

Art direction Vinii Revlon & Benii Revlon Coproduction La Gaîté lyrique

With amateur artists


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