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An iconic piece in Phia Ménard’s repertoire, L’après-midi d’un foehn Version 1 depicts an aerial ballet of coloured plastic creatures. But its initial grace gradually segues into anxiety.

In L’après-midi d’un foehn Version 1, the most mundane materials become a source of wonderment. Green, orange or multi-coloured, plastic bags come alive then fly away, courtesy of a system of fans. Guided by the movements of the puppeteer who breathed life into them – and set to Claude Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, reinterpreted by composer Ivan Roussel –, they dance weightlessly. But gradually, a faint anxiety seeps into this dazzling sight: isn’t every creator also a destructive control freak? Aren’t these airborne beings the very worst source of pollution today? This show for all ages, created in 2008, is a cornerstone of Phia Ménard’s repertoire. And with this first opus in the show P.P.P., the cross-disciplinary artist initiated the ICE research project that still drives her: an exploration of the imaginative realms of transformation, which extends a generous-spirited invitation to view the world slightly differently.


À partir de 5 ans



In Lyon metropolitan area


In Rhone-Alpes region

Annonay, Die, Annecy, Saint-Chamond


Piece for 1 performer – 2008

Dance company Non Nova – Phia Ménard Concept & writing Phia Ménard Assisted by Jean-Luc Beaujault Alternating performance Jean-Louis Ouvrard, Cécile Briand, Silvano Nogueira Creation of soundtrack Ivan Roussel based on the work of Claude Debussy Alternating broadcast of the soundtrack Olivier Gicquiaud, Mateo Provost, David Leblanc, Ivan Roussel Puppet design Phia Ménard Puppet making Claire Rigaud Photographs Jean-Luc Beaujault Co-Director, administrator & diffusion officer Claire Massonnet Technical director Olivier Gicquiaud Administration & production assistant Constance Winckler Communication manager & production assistant Justine Lasserrade

Compagnie Non Nova – Phia Ménard is subsidzed and supported by l’Etat – Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) des Pays de la Loire, la Ville de Nantes, le Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire and le Conseil Départemental de Loire-Atlantique La Dance company Non Nova is supported by the l’Institut français

Compagnie Non Nova – Phia Ménard is an associate artist at the TNB, Centre Européen Théâtral & Chorégraphique de Rennes, in la Maison de la danse and in la Biennale de la danse de Lyon, in la scène nationale de l’Essonne. She is associated to the Comédie de Valence centre dramatique national Drôme-Ardèche for the 2023/2024 season and is a landmark artist of the Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand scène nationale.

Warm thanks to Pierre Orefice, to teachers and students of l’École Gaston Serpette, Nantes (Kindergarten and Preparatory Year 2008/2009), at Pierre Watelet and Mathilde Carton of Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, Nantes, and Pascal Leroux of Collectif la Valise, Nantes.

This show received an Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 for the category « Physical/Visual Theatre ».