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In a series of tableaux vivants, Silvia Gribaudi and her three dancers subvert the norms of beauty and their authority with a piquant sense of mischief. An ode to bodies’ imperfections and freedom.

Taking on the Three Graces – the goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity – with a male cast was a first step towards stereotype reversal. But when Silvia Gribaudi, fizzing with rebellious energy, comes on to join her dreamboats, preening in their skimpy black shorts and calf-length socks, she leads us even further into the joy of transgression. In Graces, she summons the ultra-codified worlds of classical ballet, opera and antique statuary, the better to stick a spanner in the mechanics of excellence. Establishing an instantly affectionate bond with their audience, the quartet deliciously skewers perfection in a series of tableaux that render hands-up failure far preferable to any virtuoso élan. Between Greek marble figures and Instagram, physical norms may have changed, but the pressure to be ideal is with us still. Thankfully – and the Italian choreographer has made this the purpose of all her research – dance can be a wonderful, liberating medium for experimentation.



In Rhone-Alpes region

Vals-les-Bains, Roanne


Piece for 4 performers – 2019

Dance company Silvia Gribaudi performing arts Art direction Silvia Gribaudi Performers Silvia Gribaudi, Siro Guglielmi, Matteo Marchesi, Andrea Rampazzo Playwriting Silvia Gribaudi, Matteo Maffesanti Light design Antonio Rinaldi Technical director Leonardo Benetollo Costumes Elena Rossi Technical team on tour Leonardo Benetollo, Luca Serafini

Production Zebra Coproduction Santarcangelo dei Teatri With support from MiC – Italian Ministry of Culture, ResiDance XL – luoghi e progetti di residenza per creazioni coreografiche, action of the network Anticorpi XL - Network Giovane Danza D’autore, coordinated by L’arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino e IntercettAzioni - Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia - progetto di Circuito CLAPS e Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, Zona K Residencies Klap - Maison Pour la danse Marseille, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Operaestate Festival del Comune di Bassano del Grappa, Orlando Bergamo, Lavanderia a Vapore Centro di Residenza per la danza regione Piemonte, L’arboreto - Teatro Dimora La Corte Ospitale, Centro di Residenza Emilia-Romagna, Artefici Associate artist of Gorizia, Dansstationen, Danscentrum Syd, Skånesdansteater Malmö Sweden With support from Centro di Residenza Armunia, CapoTrave Kilowatt

CollaborAction#4 2018/2019 in collaboration with the festivals and theatre seasons organised by Rete Anticorpi, Ater Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare, Associazione Mosaico Danza, Interplay, Piemonte Dal Vivo, Amat, Arteven, Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Associazione Artedanzae20, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, C.L.A.P. Spettacolodalvivo, Associazione Armunia, Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo Onlus

Winner of the 2019 Danza&Danza award for best Italian production. Winning project in 2018-19 CollaborAction#4.