Born in 1963 in Casablanca, Morocco. Lives and works in Marrakech, Morocco


Coming to art from a background in architecture and jewelry making, Amina Agueznay’s sculptural installations develop in close cooperation with traditional artisans. Agueznay’s works manifest her relationships and dialogues with her collaborators: skilled craftspeople like weavers, woodworkers, silversmiths, and leather workers, many of whom are women, whose particular expertise in ancestral handcrafts shape the work process and outcomes. Building new networks for shared knowledge is an important aspect of Agueznay’s work, as is the transmission, preservation, and perpetuation of the practices she deploys in her elaborate works in wool, beading, and other locally-sourced materials. Interweaving various regional, historical and contemporary techniques, Agueznay’s works demonstrate paths of collective resilience through community.