Born in 1985 in Bogotá, Colombia. Lives and works in Paris, France.


Multimedia artist Daniel Otero Torres explores how multidirectional migrations— of people, animals, knowledge systems—across hemispheres, cultures, and histories inscribe our world with innumerable ways of perceiving reality. Otero Torres’ sculptural drawings of stacked torsos and limbs on polished steel—composites of subjects from photographs of historically significant moments—juxtapose geographically distant events that collectively altered global balances of power. Otero Torres’ installations dislocate artworks from the walls to stand freely within exhibition spaces, a gesture of support to welcome narratives, experiences, and world views of indigenous, immigrant, and other peripheralized peoples, especially from the global South, to the center of conversations. (Recipient of the Hors les murs Prize awarded by the Institut Français, Paris in 2019)