Invited with the Jeune Ballet of the CNSMD Lyon (under the artistic direction of Kylie Walters)


Born in 1970 in Budapest, Hungary. Lives and works between Berlin, Germany, Paris, France, and Budapest, Hungary.

Choreographer, artist, and performer Eszter Salamon expands the tools of expression available in dance performance through theatrical works, lecture performances, films, and installations. Salamon’s works often engage in dialogues with history to analyze and question the established conventions of dance. Emboldening her dancers to use all means of bodily expression available to them, including their voices and sense of touch, Salamon develops choreographies with transnational and transhistorical points of reference to build works that challenge dominant narratives and bring forgotten or subsumed perspectives into the open. Mixing speculative fictions and autobiographical elements into her works, Salamon further destabilizes historical accounts to create possibilities for new realities to emerge. (Recipient of La Vie Bonne call for projects by the French National Centre for Visual Arts (CNAP) and Aware: Archive of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions in 2020).