(LA)HORDE has held the directorship of the National Choreography Centre (CCN) - Ballet National de Marseille since 2019, and has comprised the artists Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel since 2013.

Through films and performances (Novaciéries, 2015; Cloud Chasers, 2016; The Master’s Tools, 2017; Cultes, 2019; Room With A View, 2020; and Ghosts, 2021), and choreographic pieces (Night Owl, 2016; To Da Bone, 2017; Marry Me in Bassiani, 2019; and Room With A View, 2020), (LA)HORDE investigates the political import of dance and charts the choreographic forms of popular uprisings, whether mass or isolated, from raves to traditional dances to jumpstyle. Their exploration of new dynamics in the circulation and representation of dance and the body that are developing online has prompted them, in particular, to develop the concept of “post-internet dances”. By diversifying dance media, (LA)HORDE interrogates the quasi-infinite serendipity offered by this new territory, and proposes multiple perspectives on the revolts conveyed by these communities, which the collective works with in a hetararchical way. In 2022, they presented Roommates, a programme of six short pieces that connect hyperrealism and minimalism, by Lucinda Childs, Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche, Peeping Tom, Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud, and (LA)HORDE, as well as a large danced exhibition, We Should Have Never Walked on the Moon, which blended the registers of musical theatre and action movies with that of avant-garde choreography. In September 2023, the collective will present their latest piece, Age Of Content, with the Ballet National de Marseille.

“After three years directing the Ballet National de Marseille, we have acquired a greater intimacy with the group we have assembled. We know their needs and their potential. The habit we have developed of working together in the studio, and the long periods in which the various work phases will sit, will enable us to go far deeper in our composition of gestures and our choreographic vocabulary.” (LA)HORDE