Born in 1985 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Lives and works in Bratislava.


Lucia Tallová explores connections between the mediums of painting, photography, and sculpture in site-specific installations. Tallova deploys a distinctive method of applying and treating black acrylic paint on paper, using water to distribute the color and shape it into dreamy abstractions and evocative grayscale urban, suburban, and natural landscapes. The colorless fragments of industrial and city architectures in Tallova’s works evoke a sentimental nostalgia, which is reinforced through references to personal items, like a lace doily inherited from her grandparents, and objects or antiques collected during her working process. Steeped in memory, Tallova’s spatial configurations bring these various components together to find new poignancy in the clouds of memory. (Recipient of the Tatra Bank Foundation Art Award, Bratislava in 2016).