Born in in Lebanon. Live and work in Paris, France.


Through satirical and incisive songs, screenplays, and other narrative formats, Michelle and Noel Keserwany upend expectations and disrupt conventional power dynamics with humorous twists of storytelling and caustically poignant commentaries on ingrained injustices and current socio-political developments. In their work, language is both a corrective for imbalances like inequality and corruption, as well as an indicator of inherent codes of class and status. Michelle and Noel Keserwany’s projects demonstrate their investment in raising the voices and narratives of women from diverse backgrounds in collaborations that embolden participants to express themselves more freely, and show the potential in communal practices for nurturing expressions of vulnerability as a form of empowerment. (Recipient — Michelle Keserwany, writer — of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018).