Born in 1987 in Montreuil, France, Nach discovered krump aged 22 outside the Lyon Opera House, after seeing Rize, David Lachapelle’s documentary about this urban dance style. In parallel, Nach developed her relationship with the stage and the creative process. As a performer for various artists, she collaborated with personalities from all backgrounds, such as choreographer Heddy Maalem and stage director Marcel Bozonnet; and, on the musical side of things, Koki Nakano and Winter Family’s Ruth Rosenthal. In the cinema sphere, she went on a singular adventure with students from one of the Kourtrajmé collective’s schools: a piece of work about transmission, focusing on the body, posture and embodiment – foundational aspects of her own pathway. 2017 marked a step change, with the making of her first solo, Cellule, followed in 2019 by Beloved Shadows, created after a stay in Japan, where her discoveries included performing arts such as Noh theatre and bunraku, as well as butoh dance. Now more convinced than ever of the need to tell important stories, Nach began to more purposefully follow her own path – that of an organic body, whose powerful yet delicate dance interplays with other artistic perceptions and gestures such as the visual arts; spaces for wandering and shifting; words and light. This creative approach was reflected in her danced lecture Nulle part est un endroit (2021). Her work is hard to categorise, equally interrogating femaleness and the processes we each undertake to reappropriate a multiple identity – issues that she addressed differently in her first group piece, Elles disent (2022).