Born in 1975 in Karachi, Pakistan. Lives and works in New Delhi, India.


Seher Shah works in dialogue with the urban landscapes outside her work spaces, creating drawings, prints, and sculptures that respond to the fragmented identities of the architecture and social fabric in her immediate environment. In Shah’s graphite and charcoal drawings and prints, brutalist architectural forms and concrete colorations are counterbalanced by the lightness with which Shah applies her delicate marks and hatches. More than delineating graphic or lived space, Shah makes lines perform a wide range of tasks with manifold meanings: they abruptly end, bisect sculptural forms, or ambiguously demarcate barriers or enclosures. In Shah’s works, inscribing space has a disruptive potential, invoking broken lineages, fragile political détentes, and hierarchies embedded in histories of architecture and the planning and development of public space.