La Poste supports the Lyon Dance Biennale.

Faithful to its values and to its public-service mission, and powered by its innovative spirit and by its role in facilitating ties within its territories, La Poste is happy to be teaming once again with the Lyon Dance Biennale. This flagship event of national and international standing is a space for sharing, creating and discovering, providing everyone with insights to help understand a world in the throes of constant reinvention.

Because the Biennale runs an outreach programme shaped by the wish to connect with marginal groups, to dispel their complexes and to simplify their relationship with art, the 2021 edition is converging with La Poste’s Tous Artistes programme, which supports participatory artistic expression by inviting everyone to share in a creative dialogue.

A major broad-based regional project, the Dance Biennale joins other partnerships initiated by La Poste – in the spheres of culture, solidarity and sport – all over the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

About Groupe La Poste
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