Born 1980 in Lyon, France.
Lives and works in Paris and Romme, France, and in Geneva, Switzerland.

Working at the intersection of photography, objects and space, Aurélie Pétrel expresses herself through various spatial systems. The installation Minuit chez Roland [31 décembre] unwinds in the form of a glass labyrinth that features shots blending documentary and fiction, and history and current affairs. Borrowing its title from the first words of a personal diary found by the artist in Beirut, the piece takes as its startingpoint this object, which belonged to Jeanne, a woman from Lyon who moved to Beirut in 1958. Informed by field work combining photography, interviews with Lebanese, and documentary research of the political context, the piece consists of large glass panels of photographs in which Beirut’s painful history is hinted at, neither opaque nor transparent. The public is invited to become lost in this maze of personal stories, in turn experiencing fragility and strength.

Also on view at the Fagor factories and the Parc-LPA République.

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