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September of the Lyon Art Library. The Art Library of the Bibliothèque de Lyon presents its art collections. Julien Guinand's work, Cible, introduces the subject which shows both the strength and the vulnerability, the ambivalence of the fragility.

Fragilities impact the souls of the authors of art, the bodies embedded in the frame, bruised, constrained or all-powerful. They are in all systems (political, economic, ecological, societal...) which at the slightest crack collapse, showing the importance of what seems insignificant to us and finally making it offensive. Often perceived as failures, fragilities are depreciated. We try to prevent them, to anticipate them, to erase them, rarely to overcome them. Yet they are also a sensitivity to being in the world, a particular disposition to direct it...

The artists : Kiki Smith - Monique Deregibus - Anne-Marie Schneider - Françoise Petrovich - Laurence Cathala - Delphine Gigoux-Martin - Christine Crozat - Eric Manigaud - Nils-Udo - Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus - Tania Mouraud - Jean-Michel Alberola - Marc Le Mené - Julien Guinand - Marlo Broekmans - Hugo Capron - Michael Michlmayr - Christophe Bonacorsi - Claire Trotignon - Viriya Chotpanyavisut - Françoise Quardon - Boris Chouvellon - Johann Rivat - Richard Serra - Thomas Sauvin & Kensuke Koike - Eric Emo - Niki de Saint Phalle - Arnulf Rainer - Philippe Cognée - Mark Brusse - Philippe Merchez - Gabriele Di Matteo - Julien Berthier - Massinissa Selmani - Julien Magre - Rudolf Bonvie - Zoé Léonard.


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