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Free exhibition / Sound performances : free price

La roche qui danse is a workshop opening proposed by the resident artists.
This collective exhibition brings together the works and research in progress of Valentin Defaux, Antoine Dochniak, Olivier Neden and Marie Pic.

In a cul-de-sac near the water, in the shelter of a large house leaning against the rock, several sculptures are set up and arranged in a circle. Shapes and movements converge and meet in a boundless intermingling of geography and time. Suspended stones, molten metal, split rock and water full of virtue make up a charged landscape that seems to be watching us. The steep-walled enclosure contains a mobile system with unstable and changing interactions. Follow the path that branches off and you will find the dancing forms. Head to the centre, enjoy the electric calm and explore the site at your leisure. When you've finished, take a deep breath, watch the last of the sunlight fall on the horizon and walk back the way you came.

  • Opening on Thursday 15 September from 6pm to 10pm
  • The exhibition will run from September 16th to September 18th by appointement, please wright to :


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