Born 1969 in Beirut, Lebanon.
Live and work in Paris, France, and in Beirut, Lebanon.

In their multimedia work, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige probe the reliability of images, secret stories and collective History, personal experiences and construction of imaginaries. The two artists have for several years been developing the project J’ai regardé si fixement la beauté, introducing poetry as a form of resistance amid the chaos of the world around us. Which is how the duo have come to make Where Is My Mind?, a video installation comprising images taken in various archaeological museums. Ancient headless statues and bodies deprived of their faces advance, as if haunted by the reverberating words of the Greek poet Georges Séféris. This parade of mutilated heroes and heroines, stripped of their singularity, examines our identity at a time when we feel increasingly ensnared by data and codes, which could jeopardise our propensity to dream freely, politically and poetically.

Also on view in Beirut and the Golden Sixties at macLYON.