Born 1980 in Torhout, Belgium.
Lives and works in Gand, Belgium.

“An experience; what more could it be?
Harmony, rhythm, composition, repetition, structure… Since space is the experience of relationship between objects in our perception and time is the experience of relationship between events in our thoughts; spatial design should feel like music.
Provoking a spontaneous dance between point, line and surface is wished upon.

The intervention relates to what is while framing new potentials to relate to. Accommodating; providing a meaningful context for others to settle. Becoming spacious is being generous.
Indoor urbanism is key. Structured while permeable, a playful organizing. Rearticulating space by adding new layers. A variety of gestures expresses a new spatial hierarchy; with each gesture its proper logic and language. Scaffolding, wooden walls, containers and textile. And art, great art relates to the new given.

Fagor is a city; fragile and monumental. A polycentric, open and vivid discovery. Dérive! You are free to drift; to wander in wonder.
Enjoy your stay!”