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In a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic setting, two bodies clash as the water rises. In a duet/duel to the death, and for love, Ink probes the dark side of desire and the impossible search for self.

It could be after the Flood: an utterly black stage, bathed in water. Two bodies face off in a duet that degenerates into a duel. Are they father and son? Lovers? Or a man confronted by his alter ego? The tension builds and the danger becomes palpable: how far will their ambiguous game go, in its constant mixing of cruelty and affection? Originated during the first lockdown, Ink is perhaps Dimitris Papaioannou’s darkest and most introspective piece to date. After Transverse Orientation, which Lyon audiences discovered at the 2021 Biennale de la danse, the choreographer and visual artist takes another dive into the most transient and topical aspects of mythology. The Greek creator, back on stage for the first time in 10 years – alternating with another performer – alongside dancer Šuka Horn, inhabits this new work as if it were some psychoanalytical nightmare: after the ordeal, he hopes to find himself again.




Piece for 2 performers – 2020

Creation (concept, direction, sets, costumes, lights) Dimitris Papaioannou Dressed man Dimitris Papaioannou Nude man Šuka Horn Music Kornilios Selamsis Sound design David Blouin Light design Lucien Laborderie, Stephanos Droussiotis Creative, executive producer & assistant director Tina Papanikolaou Associate director Haris Fragoulis Rehearsal director Pavlina Andriopoulou Performers’ physical training Šuka Horn Photographs + cinematography Julian Mommert Music recorded by Teodor Currentzis & musicAeterna orchestra The play was named by Aggelos Mendis The octopuses were created by Nectarios Dionysatos Visual design associate Evangelos Xenodochidis International Relations, communications manager & tour programmer Julian Mommert Technical director Manolis Vitsaxakis Stage manager & sound engineer David Blouin Props master & stage manager Tzela Christopoulou Lighting programmer Lucien Laborderie Stage technician & rigger Aggelos Katsolias

Executive production 2WORKS in collaboration with POLYPLANITY PRODUCTIONS Executive production associate Vicky Strataki Executive production assistant Kali Kavvatha

The first version of INK was commissioned and co-produced by Torinodanza Festival, Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale + Fondazione I Teatri, Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia in 2020 The final version of the work and the international tour is co-produced by Biennale de la Danse de Lyon 2023, Sadler’s Wells London, Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall With support from Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports en 2023 Dimitris Papaioannou is Artist in Residence at MEGARON – THE ATHENS CONCERT HALL

We especially thank Teodor Currentzis for conducting the music of INK and offering it to us as a gift. Special thanks to Dimitris Korres for his continuous and genius technical support.