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Gratuit, sur réservation

The documentary retraces the adventure of the creation of the show Urgence which brought together, for several months, the HKC Company, Amala Dianor and five young dancers in a sensitive and demanding project...

In 2017, Antoine Colnot and Anne Rehbinder met five youths from deprived areas of greater Lyon, for whom they decided to write a show: Urgence. During the long creative process, the five young performers would confront their dream of becoming professional dancers, and wrestle with the dismissive counterstance: “Dancing’s not a real job” – a view held in the performers’ original circles, and in their social environment. As a job, it isn’t reassuring, flattering, or even desirable. Yet dance is their field of expression and resilience. This adventure ran from 2018 and 2021, amid a health crisis that brought the country and its young people to a standstill.

*********In the presence of Anne Rehbinder *********



In Lyon metropolitan area