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This latest solo by Núria Guiu takes a humorous look at matters of the body in relation with a spiritual expérience and the issue of power.

Employing pictorial materials and autobiographical documents, the Spanish choreographer revisits the history of yoga poses, and in parallel investigates desire and emotions.

She describes how doing postural yoga now exerts indirect power on how one constructs one’s personal identity, in relation with the concepts of beauty, health, power, and so on. Alone on stage, Núria Guiu enlists the help of a drone as a metaphor for digital control between these concepts and the internet.





Piece for 1 dancer
Artistic direction and performance Núria Guiu | Artistic advice Esther Freixa, Sónia Gómez | Playwriting advice Lluc Ubach | Scenography advice and costumes Lola Belles | Photo and video Alice Brazzit | Lighting Joana Serra