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A baroque allegory in which the Portuguese choreographer seeks to depict on stage her private world, with the features of Marengo, Napoléon Bonaparte’s famous horse.

Ana Isabel Castro’s dance is informed by stories and her memory and imagination, as she plays with phenomena of transposition. Such is the reality of the events she relates, we do not know if they are real or belong to someone else’s story. Each strand of this story is located between myth and reality; between lies and truth. Born in 1994, Ana Isabel Castro, an associate artist with the Teatro Municipal in Porto, here presents her first-ever piece of dance, which premiered in 2019 at the Dias da Dança festival.





Performance for 5 dancers
Artistic direction Ana Isabel Castro | Musical direction Ana Isabel Castro, Gonçalo da Silva Nova | Lighting Ricardo Alves | Performers Ana Isabel Castro, Filipa Saavedra, Nelita Natália, Tiago Araújo, Vânia Pereira | Fashion design Nelita Natália | Production Sara Marques