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Denis Plassard invents a choreographic game with a criminal backdrop, and invites spectators to carry out an investigation to unmask the dancer/culprit!

Denis Plassard isn’t just a choreographer, he’s a player too. The proof? This new piece, in which he transforms Cluedo into a giant Cluedance. With his habitual sense of mischief, he has devised seven choreographic propositions – reconstructions of a crime scene – and invites the spectators to have fun scrutinising the dancing in detail to unmask the culprit – the dancer who does the same thing in every scene. The clues and evidence essentially pertain to movement. But be warned: he’s laid some traps!

The scenes, in the form of danced short films, take place in very different atmospheres. This artistic challenge reflects the choreographer’s concerns: play, constraints, humour, the linkage between choreographic writing and narrative – all with a new objective, namely sharpening the spectator’s gaze. A goofy boards game.




In Rhone-Alpes region

Firminy, Bourgoin-Jallieu


Piece for 7 dancers
Choreography Denis Plassard (with the complicity of the suspects) | Interpretation Denis Plassard, Xavier Gresse, Jim Krummenacker, Davy Fournier, Annette Labry, Marion Lucas, Sonia Delbost-Henry | Original recorded music Diane Delzant, Quentin Allemand, Nicolas Giemza, Nobert Pignol, Jean Paul Hervé, Jessica Martin-Maresco, Jean François Cavro | Costumes Julie Lascoumes and Béatrice Vermande | Recording and mastering Eric Dutrievoz & Norbert Pignol | Lighting design Dominique Ryo | Management Dominique Ryo ou Arthur Puech

This play exists in LSF version : Deaf actor Anthony Guyon | Translation of texts into LSF Géraldine Berger and Anthony Guyon

Coproduction Théâtre des Collines - Annecy et La Rampe, scène conventionnée d'Échirolles | This project was supported by the ADAMI and the SPEDIDAM | The company Propos is supported by the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region the City of Lyon

Dans le détail s'adresse aux deux cerveaux, celui d'enquêteur qui analyse et celui de spectateur qui se laisse surprendre et émouvoir.

Compagnie Propos

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