Rachid Ouramdane – Les Traceurs

To round off the Défilé, 15 acrobats and a highliner will unsettle our sensory perceptions with their spectacular presence in Lyon’s most famous square.

Sun 10 sept
→ Place Bellecour

Piece for 16 performers – 25 min

Since this Biennale’s parade will celebrate the dialogue between art and sport, it seemed self-evident to task Rachid Ouramdane with creating the finale. Since 2020, the director of Chaillot has been developing an ambitious project, with dancers and athletes, around the oh-sohuman desire to take flight. So, when Europe’s largest dance parade arrives on Place Bellecour, Les Traceurs will take over, serving up a spectacular performance, free of charge, for everyone who casts their gaze skyward. Highline champion Nathan Paulin will walk through the air, perched at a mind-boggling height, while the acrobats play with the public space. By ta-king ownership of this grand expanse, and through their spectacular and poetically disruptive presence, they will show Lyon in a new light.

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Concept Rachid Ouramdane Highliner Nathan Paulin Performers Hamza Benlabied, Airelle Caen, Tamila De Naeyer, Denis Dulon, Yamil Falvella, Löric Fouchereau, Peter Freeman, Charlie Hession, Xavier Mermod, Patricia Minder, Nathan Paulin, Arnau Povedano, Belar San Vicente, Maxime Seghers, Seppe van Looveren, Owen Winship Music Jean- Baptiste Julien Tour manager Juliette Bones

Production Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse