Born in 1976 in Italy, Alessandro Sciarroni has developed a career in the performing arts, after several years in the visual arts and theatrical research. He has presented works at contemporary dance and theatre festivals, in museums and art galleries, as well as in non-conventional spaces, involving professionals from other creative fields.

He takes inspiration from techniques of dance, circus and even sports. His use of repetition, pushed to the limits of physical resistance, attempts to reveal the obsessions, fears and vulnerabilities inherent to the act of performing. In this way, he seeks to establish an empathetic relationship between the audience and performers. His works have travelled the world, including the Biennale de la danse de Lyon, the Kunstenfestival in Brussels, the Impulstanz festival in Vienna, the Venice Bienniale Danza, the Festival d’Automne and the Séquence Danse festival at CentQuatre-Paris in Paris, the Abu Dhabi Art Fair, the Crossing the Line festival in New York, the Hong Kong Art Festival, the Juli Dans Festival in Amsterdam, the TBA Festival in Portland and the Panorama festival in Rio de Janeiro. He has also shown works at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the MAXXI in Rome. In 2019, he won the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. He is an associate artist at CentQuatre-Paris and at the Triennale Milano Teatro (2022-2024).