Born in Al-Aïn in 1986, United Arab Emirates. Lives and works in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


In paintings, sculptures, videos, and sound works, multidisciplinary artist Hashel Al Lamki explores spaces where different identities and landscapes converge. Al Lamki examines human experiences within the vast structures of globalization and how accelerated industrialization alters existing spaces so rapidly that it warps our sense of reality and time. Cities materialize in Al Lamki’s paintings like surrealistic dreamscapes, seemingly conjured through the collective desires or delusions of their inhabitants, and pastoral idylls appear like fantasies or distant, hazy memories. In repurposed images and physical traces of material refuse from single-use items like shipping boxes and water bottle labels, Al Lamki questions the sustainability of our current global systems while also finding the potential for value, meaning and reflection in the most ephemeral symbols of our overconsumption.