Mikaël Serre, a Franco German stage director, actor and performing artist, trained at the school of Fine Arts of Saint-Étienne. He worked as an assistant director in Russia, before joining the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in 1996. His first works were based on texts by contemporary authors or using stage composition techniques. His bicultural background nurtures a desire to seek international development, through the blending of artistic encounters.

He has produced works for festivals such as Temps d’Images, Tanzfestival Pina Bausch in Wuppertal, F.I.N.D. Festival Schaubühne in Berlin, ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Santiago a MIL Festival in Chile, Maxim Gorky Theatre, Crossing The Lines Festival, New York, Schiller Tage Mannheim, Anton Chekhov Festival in Moscow, and others. He translates for Editions de l’Arche publishing house and works on various productions as a playwright. His most recent works for the stage include: 2014 The Rise of Glory and Je Suis Jeanne d’Arc, based on La Pucelle d’Orléans by Friedrich Schiller, at the Maxim Gorky Theatre in Berlin; 2015 A un Endroit du Début with Germaine Acogny; 2016 Le Cantique des Cantiques with choreographer Abou Lagraa; 2017 The Tales of Hoffmann at the Opera House of Dijon; 2018 Trois Ombres by comic-book artist Cyril Pédrosa, with Bertrand Belin; 2019 La Bohème by Puccini at the Opera House of Trier; 2020 Les Brigands by Friedrich Schiller at the Créteil Museum of Contemporary Art and 13 Vents National Dance Centre of Montpellier, Offenbach Report at the National Opera House of Lorraine.